Wildlife Sanctuary Castle

Crowdfunding is under way to build a wildlife sanctuary castle in England.

Plans to build a new castle in England are under way, but this isn’t a stereotypical building full of people in medieval outfits; it’s going to be a wildlife sanctuary and permaculture (permanent agriculture) training facility, with purpose built habitatsHabitat-Totals4 that can house thousands of animals, including a home for endangered English Shire horses, From a gravity-driven aqueduct that can provide animals with fresh water year-round to organic farmland that can provide food to local food banks, this is an endeavour that’s focused on helping those in need. The sole purpose of the Algae to BioDiesel pipeline (photobioreactor) that runs alongside the aqueduct, is to grow algae using sunlight.  Algae being a vegetable, is completely safe to the surrounding wildlife, no BioDiesel will ever enter the pipeline. The algae will be piped into the Castle, which will house the refinery, is where the algae will be converted into BioDiesel. – The technology/process to do this will be released for free. (Open Source).

The goal is to create a wheelchair-friendly permaculture organic farm and wildlife habitat. Built within a fruit tree orchard, not only will there be man-made houses for animals such as local songbirdsEnglish-Robin-537x383 and hedgehogs, but wildlife can also create their own nests and burrows in these safe havens, hopefully with the goal of repopulating the area. Songbirds have declined by over 90 percent across the UK, so this sanctuary may very well assist in replenishing populations all over the country.

  A travesty is taking place all around us with the sad statistics of wild birds to hedgehogs being driven to almost extinction. Wildlife need safe and secure living environments, and mostly during cold weather, when water lakes/ponds freeze over, the aqueduct will be designed and built to withstand extremes of weather, to provide the valuable lifeline birds and creatures need to survive, with an added design of the farm to provide year round feeding areas for wildlife, without the desire to maximise on profits.

In addition to being an animal sanctuary, there are plans to turn the grounds into an organic permaculture food farm, which will donate a share of produce to local food banks and outreach programs. One of the castle’s primary goals is to be accessible and friendly to those with special needs. The “Castle” will be built primarily from reclaimed and recycled materials, and will be used as a teaching opportunity: teaching locals how to use a variety of tools for different building techniques in order to empower themselves with knowledge and hands-on experience.   A goal of the project is to make the Castle 100% off grid in operation, by using the methane generated from the farm waste, to the bio-diesel produced from the pipeline, this is a distinct possibility.  A crowd funding campaign has been created on GoFundMe to finance this project. For more detailed information please choose the links from the menu on the left.


Currently, around 2,000 English Shire Horses are left in the world. “Shire Horses, for all of their dignity, grace and majesty, are a breed under threat”…Shire Horse Society. Click to visit: Save Our Shires

Many Thanks For Your Time…

Adam Baker – England Castle Project.


GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

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England's Newest Castle

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