make (grow) biodiesel

Make (Grow) your own B100 Grade BioDiesel Fuel. – Process & Technology needed to produce biodiesel safely at home to be released for free. (Open Source).

Currently a huge amount of information is viewable on the net with regards to ‘home made diesel’, hence not undertaken correctly, can be dangerous. The actual process of making bio diesel from algae is not a new technology, however, the current cost to implement a safe commercial system is beyond the reach of everyday people. ?????????????????????????????????????? An example of a  commercial set up for an algae photobioreactor is similar to the image on the the right.  The England Castle system which integrates with a wildlife habitat will be duly tested, certificated and safe to use by homestead farmers, or home users to produce B100 grade bio diesel from their own farm/garden habitats.  A glass tube (photobioreactor – pipeline) that runs through the habitat grows the algae using natural sunlight.  Microalgae,  produce storage Lipids in the form of triacyglycerols (TAGs). Comparatively algae produce more oil than any other oilseeds which are currently in use. Many microalgal species can be induced to accumulate substantial quantities of lipids. algae-biodiesel-5Algae can and does increase in volume by at least 50% every 24hrs.  Blends of biodiesel uses a system known as the “B” factor to state the amount of biodiesel in any fuel mix: 100% biodiesel is referred to as B100. For more information on how the process works, click left image, (or here).

Yields ( Gallons of oil per acre per year )*

Corn 18
Soybeans 48
Safflower 83
Sunflower 102
Rapeseed 127
Oil Palm 635
Micro Algae 5000-15000
No BioDiesel will ever enter the glass pipeline (photobioreactor) that runs along the habitat.  The glass pipeline’s sole purpose is to grow the Algae using sunlight.

The Algae pipeline will lead into the Castle, however, its believed that this configuration, that is the growth pipeline (Photobioreactor) integrated into a wildlife habitat has never been undertaken before. It will work, as the actual algae growing and refinery process has been tried and tested for many years and publicised in the public domain. The entire process to convert the Algae to BioDiesel (Refinery) will be in the Castle building.   Algae is in effect a vegetable plant, and its perfectly safe to grow and harmless to the wildlife around the pipeline.


Producing BioDiesel from Algae is not a new technology. The process of converting the Algae to Biodiesel is complex, but not out of reach or impossible. Of course, big engineering corporations would describe it as a costly process, but then again, They are experts at charging £7k ($10k) to change a light bulb**…Hence an American saying: Don’t drink the kool-aid.” **Dispatches – UK Channel 4 Documentaries : “How They Squander Our Billions”, or “How The Rich Get Richer.”  

For an example of a Algae Bioreactor, please click video above. Once implemented and working, the process & technology for the system will be released for free as open source designs.  Kits with full instructions to build the habitat, pipeline and refinery will be sold through England Castle. To see this happen, please click here.

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Algae Oil Production – Image Source.

Click To Enlarge Image:


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