Aqueduct For Birds

Bird Watering Gravity Driven Aqueduct

3 connected rows, totalling over 3,000 feet in length, it will be operating 24/7, 365 days a year. It is a constant flow, water feeding channel for wild birds.

Many people know that the problem with the weather is either it rains a lot, or we have droughts..This system addresses the  problem of harnessing water from the skies, and distributing water when it doesn’t.

When the rain falls, and goes beyond a set limit, a simple ball valve will shut down the flow of the aqueduct, and render the channel as a water collection drain, yet still maintaining its operational design as a feeding table for birds.  The excess water will flow into the reservoir and work as rain harvesting  tank.  When the rain stops, the aqueduct restarts and continues to operate as designed, offering a flow of water, that self purifies using reed plants.  Simple, off the self readily available water irrigation system will be plumbed into the Aqueduct, this will irrigate the trees during prolonged dry periods in the weather.

Low technology, as opposed to high technology for operational control of the aqueduct is favoured.  (Less to go wrong).

However, its not ruled out, the use of technologies such as the humble raspberry pi/arduino systems.  With easy integration possible, the option is to build the aqueduct using computer technology solutions to control the aqueduct.  (Rain sensors, Flow sensors, Water Temperature sensors to shut down/divert rainwater)

The concept, design, implementation and operation of this project is constantly being updated and subject to change.

The system to heat the water to a required minimum is in progress.  However if the flow is fast enough, and the volume (amount) of water is large enough, the aqueduct will operate below freezing temperatures, if designed with the intention that the channel will be a form of insulator against the harshness of the winter.  But, heating the water when required using conventional electric outdoor pool heaters hasn’t been ruled out.

Possibly, The longest purpose built, bird watering structure ever constructed.


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