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Technology To Be Made in England

Open Source Ecology are developing open source machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing the designs on the Internet for free.

I have started initial considerations for developing an OSE  branch at the Castle, and if all goes to plan, that may happen. Workshops that will utilise the open source community of free engineers to help homestead and independent farmers in England & Overseas, to make their own farming machinery.  How about a workshop where you build an 18 ton, open source bulldozer – in 3 days?  A  demonstration of open source for extreme industrial power.  check out the videos on their site.

Marcin Jakubowski is the founder of Open Source Ecology, an open collaborative of engineers, producers, and builders developing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). – So that anyone can build and maintain machines at a fraction of what it costs today.

Open Source Tractor

Video of Life Trac 6 – Designed By OSE (Open Source Ecology). The England Castle (Baker) Open Source ‘MyCat’ – Multi Capable Agricultural Tractor is an intended rebuild of OSE Lifetrac 6. The ‘MyCat’ will have additional, visionary design features from England Castle (Baker). Upon start of production, the designs will be released for free under the open source banner of England Castle – Open Moo.

An Algae Bioreactor To Make Oil

The England Castle habitat/aqueduct for birds, features a glass tube algae pipeline, using the same principles demonstrated in this video.  The Castle will house the refinery to convert the Algae into BioDiesel. Once the refinery is successfully installed and operational.  The designs, and the knowledge to implement the refinery will be made freely available under the open source banner of England Castle – Open Moo.