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2,100 Homes For Wildlife

The homestead farm features a design of a castle which has a historic influence, Aquaduct-2-Row-2 a gravity driven aqueduct which is believed would be the longest bird feeding water structure of its kind ever constructed. Also, the aqueduct has an algae glass tube pipeline, which would lead to a refinery in the farm building that produces B100 grade Bio Diesel.  For more info re: Algae To Bio Diesel, click

England Castle (Baker) is a commercial operation, and not a Charity

The plan involves building this Castle and Farm over the next 7-10yrs. The first stage is to purchase land in or near Sussex, UK. However this could be anywhere in England.  Currently no land has been earmarked. The England Castle (Baker) project is a commercial operation, and not a charity, however the business will have a strong emphasis towards helping those with special needs (the disabled).

“Shire Horses, for all of their dignity, grace and majesty, are a breed under threat”…Shire Horse Society. Click to visit: Save Our Shires

Also, in line with Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) farming community principles, a share of produce to be donated to food banks. (Check video to learn more of Permaculture farming).  In addition to the farming at the castle, it will have a home for at least 2 English Shire horses, Ideally this is to be increased to 12 Shire horses. Currently there are only around 2,000 English Shire Horses left in the world..This is a catastrophe.

Crowd funding has only just started, and the hope is to gain momentum soon.  If not, The intention is to continue, until it does…

The total build project would take in the region of 7 years from the sale of the land/planning approval. The planning approval in itself would take around 3 years to gain. The Castle would be built where possible from recycled / re-purposed building materials, and be constructed using bricks that would be in keeping with local planning requirements.

A Breakdown of the Sanctuary:

350 Fruit Trees in orchard.

3,000ft long (total length) Wild bird watering structure.

Wheelchair friendly farm.

Bee Farm

Home for at least 2 Endangered breed English Shire horses. However, 12 Shire horses is the preference.

Algae to Bio-Diesel technology – Designs to be released for free.

350 Habitats which feature in total:

3 web cameras (2 External, 1 Internal) Daily ‘Snap Shot’ of images to be published on England Castle web site. Totalling 1,050 Web Cameras across Habitat.

350 Homes for wild birds.

350 Bat boxes.

350 Vole/Field Mouse homes.

350 Hedgehog homes.

350 Solitary Bee boxes.

350 Butterfly homes.

35,000 Bug homes (100 per bird box)

Total: 2,100 purpose designed homes for wildlife. (37,100 If including Bug Homes)

Zero use of chemical pesticides/fertilizer. 100% organic produce, a share to be donated to local food banks for the underprivileged.

The trees will be of rigorous rootstock, that is have a lifespan of around 70-100 years. Each tree will have wooden placards secured to the post which the tree is planted alongside. The placards will be inscribed with the supporters of this project. The orchard will be named “The Boulevard For The Noble”  At just £5 ($7) per name, Its hoped that there will be enough supporters to see this project complete.

Once built, The Orchard/Habitat will look “Symmetrically Beautiful”

The information on the images page tries to clarify the project, implementation and operation of this project is constantly being updated and subject to change.  Hence would greatly appreciate a chance to start something positive.

Comments are always welcomed, please add your thoughts into the box below. Or feel free to contact England Castle using the email address listed below. Please share this website on Social Media (links below) or simply tell your friends to visit

Many Thanks For Your Time,

Adam Baker – England Castle

GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

make (grow) biodiesel

Make (Grow) your own B100 Grade BioDiesel Fuel. – Process & Technology needed to produce biodiesel safely at home to be released for free. (Open Source).

Currently a huge amount of information is viewable on the net with regards to ‘home made diesel’, hence not undertaken correctly, can be dangerous. The actual process of making bio diesel from algae is not a new technology, however, the current cost to implement a safe commercial system is beyond the reach of everyday people. ?????????????????????????????????????? An example of a  commercial set up for an algae photobioreactor is similar to the image on the the right.  The England Castle system which integrates with a wildlife habitat will be duly tested, certificated and safe to use by homestead farmers, or home users to produce B100 grade bio diesel from their own farm/garden habitats.  A glass tube (photobioreactor – pipeline) that runs through the habitat grows the algae using natural sunlight.  Microalgae,  produce storage Lipids in the form of triacyglycerols (TAGs). Comparatively algae produce more oil than any other oilseeds which are currently in use. Many microalgal species can be induced to accumulate substantial quantities of lipids. algae-biodiesel-5Algae can and does increase in volume by at least 50% every 24hrs.  Blends of biodiesel uses a system known as the “B” factor to state the amount of biodiesel in any fuel mix: 100% biodiesel is referred to as B100. For more information on how the process works, click left image, (or here).

Yields ( Gallons of oil per acre per year )*

Corn 18
Soybeans 48
Safflower 83
Sunflower 102
Rapeseed 127
Oil Palm 635
Micro Algae 5000-15000
No BioDiesel will ever enter the glass pipeline (photobioreactor) that runs along the habitat.  The glass pipeline’s sole purpose is to grow the Algae using sunlight.

The Algae pipeline will lead into the Castle, however, its believed that this configuration, that is the growth pipeline (Photobioreactor) integrated into a wildlife habitat has never been undertaken before. It will work, as the actual algae growing and refinery process has been tried and tested for many years and publicised in the public domain. The entire process to convert the Algae to BioDiesel (Refinery) will be in the Castle building.   Algae is in effect a vegetable plant, and its perfectly safe to grow and harmless to the wildlife around the pipeline.


Producing BioDiesel from Algae is not a new technology. The process of converting the Algae to Biodiesel is complex, but not out of reach or impossible. Of course, big engineering corporations would describe it as a costly process, but then again, They are experts at charging £7k ($10k) to change a light bulb**…Hence an American saying: Don’t drink the kool-aid.” **Dispatches – UK Channel 4 Documentaries : “How They Squander Our Billions”, or “How The Rich Get Richer.”  

For an example of a Algae Bioreactor, please click video above. Once implemented and working, the process & technology for the system will be released for free as open source designs.  Kits with full instructions to build the habitat, pipeline and refinery will be sold through England Castle. To see this happen, please click here.

External References:

Wikipedia: Biodiesel

Wikipedia: Algae_fuel

Algae Oil Production – Image Source.

Click To Enlarge Image:


The Habitat

This page briefly describes the Habitat, For details of the Aqueduct, Please click here, or for details of the Algae to BioDiesel Pipeline/Refinery click here.

The Habitat will be constructed to look symmetrically beautiful, With a variation of fruit trees that will give a calming, peaceful ambiance to those who visit. The Habitats will be made mostly from wood, and offer a purposeful design in its surrounding environment, engineered sharp edges, surrounded with the canopy of fruit trees, make the habitat pleasing to see.

The names will be inscribed tastefully and accurately using computerised manufacturing systems (CNC)

The size of the inscription will be very small. The hope is to have the effect of a ‘hallmark is to a piece of jewellery’.  Fitting and proper a visual representation of crowd funding truly making a change.

 A Symmetrically Beautiful Orchard

The inspiration for the construction of the habitats comes from the  Art of Japanese Wood Joinery, which is understood to have a rooted tradition in joining wood without nails or glue.  However, modern methods will be used to produce these habitats in house, with design guidelines recommended by ornithology/wildlife experts.   Of course during the planning stage, the layout of the habitats will be for the benefit of birds/wildlife.

If you cant beat them,…feed them

The design is subject to change and certainly anticipated, as is the manufacturing of more than one type of habitat, this would be to include squirrels, foxes, and generally any wild life in need of sanctuary.


GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).


Aqueduct For Birds

Bird Watering Gravity Driven Aqueduct

3 connected rows, totalling over 3,000 feet in length, it will be operating 24/7, 365 days a year. It is a constant flow, water feeding channel for wild birds.

Many people know that the problem with the weather is either it rains a lot, or we have droughts..This system addresses the  problem of harnessing water from the skies, and distributing water when it doesn’t.

When the rain falls, and goes beyond a set limit, a simple ball valve will shut down the flow of the aqueduct, and render the channel as a water collection drain, yet still maintaining its operational design as a feeding table for birds.  The excess water will flow into the reservoir and work as rain harvesting  tank.  When the rain stops, the aqueduct restarts and continues to operate as designed, offering a flow of water, that self purifies using reed plants.  Simple, off the self readily available water irrigation system will be plumbed into the Aqueduct, this will irrigate the trees during prolonged dry periods in the weather.

Low technology, as opposed to high technology for operational control of the aqueduct is favoured.  (Less to go wrong).

However, its not ruled out, the use of technologies such as the humble raspberry pi/arduino systems.  With easy integration possible, the option is to build the aqueduct using computer technology solutions to control the aqueduct.  (Rain sensors, Flow sensors, Water Temperature sensors to shut down/divert rainwater)

The concept, design, implementation and operation of this project is constantly being updated and subject to change.

The system to heat the water to a required minimum is in progress.  However if the flow is fast enough, and the volume (amount) of water is large enough, the aqueduct will operate below freezing temperatures, if designed with the intention that the channel will be a form of insulator against the harshness of the winter.  But, heating the water when required using conventional electric outdoor pool heaters hasn’t been ruled out.

Possibly, The longest purpose built, bird watering structure ever constructed.


Click Images To Enlarge:



GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

The Castle

Click image to enlargeCastle15

The Castle/Farm Building

The Castle would be built where possible from recycled / re-purposed building materials, and be constructed using bricks that would be in keeping with local planning requirements.  A narrow 21ft wide building, this may be increased to 70ft wide, making good use of available space including 3 underground floors.  The height (from ground level inc. roof) currently features 7 floors.

 Featuring a Permaculture (permanent agriculture) Education facility/skills training annex for the local community, with wheel chair friendly access across the farm…

70ft is the maximum width for the Castle, there always have to be limits when it comes to a building, and this is the limit decided on, including a limit of 3 floors underground.   If funded beyond the current £1.8m target,  The project will then include starting a heavy industrial manufacturing facility. Under ground, silent and environmentally clean.  The facility will design and release agricultural technology plans for free, and also manufacture farming/life machinery at fair prices. The products will be designed by engineers from around the world.  Watch video – Open Source – What is it..?  in video list.  That’s why I have called the free open source technical section of England Castle  ‘OpenMoo‘ :-) with products branded as ‘Baker’ or ‘England Castle’. Free Plans or ‘Build Yourself’ at the frequent workshops that will be held at The Castle.

… or have the product built for you at The Castle, that would have been made to the highest standards.

No specific products to be manufactured has been decided, This will be undertaken upon successful funding campaign.   However, a favoured open source – Multi Capable Agricultural Tractor (Baker MyCAT – A reworked variant of the OSE Life Trac) aimed for homestead farms is planned. Cute, adorable & affordable, A Tractor that will help with everything on a homestead farm, barring making your breakfast :-) Because the base design of the open source – Baker MyCat tractor is the OSE Life Trac. The Life Trac was ‘Over Built’ designed, this means it’s designed to last.  Hence, if you break it, you wont need to re-mortgage your farm to fix it.

The OSE design method, also includes making things that are easy to build by groups of people.  Look at the OSE forthcoming schedule where they plan to build, as a group, a 18ton open source bulldozer in just three days. 

England Castle will follow this method, but with additional computer aided manufacturing (Robots) to gain the speed needed to build more frequently, and yield the high quality standards continuously needed. Open source is the future, and it (The Nerds*) will change the World. *I’m a closet Nerd.  Also, I intend to release designs of my open source Baker Four Wheel, Quad Farm ‘Push Bike’ and Trailer. (Both quad and trailer electric motor assist).  Smooth, sleek and outrageously sexy, a tough plucky thing that’s a must have for carrying a lame sheep, or bale of hay on a ‘push bike’ quad & trailer through a farm :-)

As for the way I’m saying it, well I’m not standing in front of a huge committee that’s deciding on a multi million pound grant to give, Or for that Banker/Financiers  who would have asked me what I had for dinner 5 years ago. Its you, and I’m asking for £5  :-)  that’s why I’m saying it … like it is :-)

England Castle (Baker) will market and sell these products into the commercial gladiatorial arena. That is prototyped, tested, certificated, ready to buy, ready to use, and ready to rumble.  To get the Castle-Homestead built with a fully operational tractor, push bike quad factory & design centre, will take the extra funding required beyond the current £1.8m target, to £18m+ Any increase in funding, The Orchard/Habitat size will also be increased  past the current stated goal of 350 tree/wildlife habitats. Again, this depends how many tree habitats  you are willing to support.

Technology and a methodology, to beat the world.

Basically, More supporters, means more habitats, and a more efficient factory/design centre, that will have an increased investment  in a sophisticated  computer aided manufacturing system to build the habitats, tractors & bikes, with the completed designs released for free.

The Annex at the Castle will hopefully have a UK Branch of the The Open Source Ecology Network (OSE). Initial considerations for developing this have started with OSE, and if all goes to plan, that may happen. The intention is to have a group of  free engineers to help homestead and independent farmers in England & Overseas, to make their own farming machinery. ..Or in other words… An Entire Legion of Free Engineers..

The Farm will have a continuous flow Methane Bio Gas digester, producing methane gas from farm/organic waste.  A Methane burning Steam Boiler-Turbine Electric Generator, is planned to be installed in the lower floor of the Castle.  This is intended to make the Castle a near 100% off grid operation, with Zero noise at ground level. The Algae pipeline will lead into the refinery at the Castle, The process & technology to make the BioDiesel will be released for free as open source technology. Click For More Info Re: Bio Diesel from Algae.

A low carbon footprint operation, Greenhouse gas reducing farm.

The equine track, will have an emphasis to offer facilities for riders with disabilities. The intention is to have a suitable, and comfortable preparation/rest area, for those taking part in riding at the Farm. The minimum is to have at least 2 English Shire Horses,  who are an endangered breed, Ideally 12 Shire Horses are intended added with other livestock including: Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Goats.

Research has shown animals have a therapeutic effect on those with health challenges in their lives.

In-line with Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) community principles, a share of produce to be donated to food banks, with a sizeable section of the growing area having raised bed plantations, this would make a wheelchair accessible farming training area for those with special needs.

Many Thanks For Reading.

GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

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Crowd Funding


Your kindness and support will always be gratefully received, appreciated and respected…

Listed on the Go Fund Me page for this project are 5 choices for supporters to choose.  These are:

£5, For your name to be inscribed once on a placard that will be  wooden and secured to the post which the tree is planted alongside.  It is anticipated that their will be up to 5,000 names per placard.

£10, For a name to be inscribed once onto the Aqueduct (Water Channel).

 £15, A Name inscribed once on the  wildlife box/post. Approximately 10,000 Names per wildlife unit.

 £3,000, Your choice of name for one of the two English Shire horses that will be resident at the castle. (Minimum of 2 Horses planned, hopefully to be increased to 12).

£15,000. Your choice of name(s) on one full placard secured to the post, alongside one of the 350 fruit trees in “The Boulevard For The Noble”. (110 funding slots available, up to 5,000 Names of your choice).

Of course, names will be accepted of those who have gone before us… The Deceased.  Whether They Be A Loved One,  A Friend, or Someone who has had a influential impact in your life…A Share of the produce from the Orchard will go to local food banks.

On completion of the project, a photo of your inscription will be emailed to each supporter. This will be in addition to a  page on this web site named as “The Noble” listing all the supporters.

Anonymity is respected, should you donate and wish not be listed on “The Boulevard For The Noble”, please click ‘anonymous’ when filling in your details on the GoFundMe web link.


To see this project under way, please click here.