The Castle

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The Castle/Farm Building

The Castle would be built where possible from recycled / re-purposed building materials, and be constructed using bricks that would be in keeping with local planning requirements.  A narrow 21ft wide building, this may be increased to 70ft wide, making good use of available space including 3 underground floors.  The height (from ground level inc. roof) currently features 7 floors.

 Featuring a Permaculture (permanent agriculture) Education facility/skills training annex for the local community, with wheel chair friendly access across the farm…

70ft is the maximum width for the Castle, there always have to be limits when it comes to a building, and this is the limit decided on, including a limit of 3 floors underground.   If funded beyond the current £1.8m target,  The project will then include starting a heavy industrial manufacturing facility. Under ground, silent and environmentally clean.  The facility will design and release agricultural technology plans for free, and also manufacture farming/life machinery at fair prices. The products will be designed by engineers from around the world.  Watch video – Open Source – What is it..?  in video list.  That’s why I have called the free open source technical section of England Castle  ‘OpenMoo‘ :-) with products branded as ‘Baker’ or ‘England Castle’. Free Plans or ‘Build Yourself’ at the frequent workshops that will be held at The Castle.

… or have the product built for you at The Castle, that would have been made to the highest standards.

No specific products to be manufactured has been decided, This will be undertaken upon successful funding campaign.   However, a favoured open source – Multi Capable Agricultural Tractor (Baker MyCAT – A reworked variant of the OSE Life Trac) aimed for homestead farms is planned. Cute, adorable & affordable, A Tractor that will help with everything on a homestead farm, barring making your breakfast :-) Because the base design of the open source – Baker MyCat tractor is the OSE Life Trac. The Life Trac was ‘Over Built’ designed, this means it’s designed to last.  Hence, if you break it, you wont need to re-mortgage your farm to fix it.

The OSE design method, also includes making things that are easy to build by groups of people.  Look at the OSE forthcoming schedule where they plan to build, as a group, a 18ton open source bulldozer in just three days. 

England Castle will follow this method, but with additional computer aided manufacturing (Robots) to gain the speed needed to build more frequently, and yield the high quality standards continuously needed. Open source is the future, and it (The Nerds*) will change the World. *I’m a closet Nerd.  Also, I intend to release designs of my open source Baker Four Wheel, Quad Farm ‘Push Bike’ and Trailer. (Both quad and trailer electric motor assist).  Smooth, sleek and outrageously sexy, a tough plucky thing that’s a must have for carrying a lame sheep, or bale of hay on a ‘push bike’ quad & trailer through a farm :-)

As for the way I’m saying it, well I’m not standing in front of a huge committee that’s deciding on a multi million pound grant to give, Or for that Banker/Financiers  who would have asked me what I had for dinner 5 years ago. Its you, and I’m asking for £5  :-)  that’s why I’m saying it … like it is :-)

England Castle (Baker) will market and sell these products into the commercial gladiatorial arena. That is prototyped, tested, certificated, ready to buy, ready to use, and ready to rumble.  To get the Castle-Homestead built with a fully operational tractor, push bike quad factory & design centre, will take the extra funding required beyond the current £1.8m target, to £18m+ Any increase in funding, The Orchard/Habitat size will also be increased  past the current stated goal of 350 tree/wildlife habitats. Again, this depends how many tree habitats  you are willing to support.

Technology and a methodology, to beat the world.

Basically, More supporters, means more habitats, and a more efficient factory/design centre, that will have an increased investment  in a sophisticated  computer aided manufacturing system to build the habitats, tractors & bikes, with the completed designs released for free.

The Annex at the Castle will hopefully have a UK Branch of the The Open Source Ecology Network (OSE). Initial considerations for developing this have started with OSE, and if all goes to plan, that may happen. The intention is to have a group of  free engineers to help homestead and independent farmers in England & Overseas, to make their own farming machinery. ..Or in other words… An Entire Legion of Free Engineers..

The Farm will have a continuous flow Methane Bio Gas digester, producing methane gas from farm/organic waste.  A Methane burning Steam Boiler-Turbine Electric Generator, is planned to be installed in the lower floor of the Castle.  This is intended to make the Castle a near 100% off grid operation, with Zero noise at ground level. The Algae pipeline will lead into the refinery at the Castle, The process & technology to make the BioDiesel will be released for free as open source technology. Click For More Info Re: Bio Diesel from Algae.

A low carbon footprint operation, Greenhouse gas reducing farm.

The equine track, will have an emphasis to offer facilities for riders with disabilities. The intention is to have a suitable, and comfortable preparation/rest area, for those taking part in riding at the Farm. The minimum is to have at least 2 English Shire Horses,  who are an endangered breed, Ideally 12 Shire Horses are intended added with other livestock including: Cows, Sheep, Chickens and Goats.

Research has shown animals have a therapeutic effect on those with health challenges in their lives.

In-line with Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) community principles, a share of produce to be donated to food banks, with a sizeable section of the growing area having raised bed plantations, this would make a wheelchair accessible farming training area for those with special needs.

Many Thanks For Reading.

GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

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