Crowd Funding


Your kindness and support will always be gratefully received, appreciated and respected…

Listed on the Go Fund Me page for this project are 5 choices for supporters to choose.  These are:

£5, For your name to be inscribed once on a placard that will be  wooden and secured to the post which the tree is planted alongside.  It is anticipated that their will be up to 5,000 names per placard.

£10, For a name to be inscribed once onto the Aqueduct (Water Channel).

 £15, A Name inscribed once on the  wildlife box/post. Approximately 10,000 Names per wildlife unit.

 £3,000, Your choice of name for one of the two English Shire horses that will be resident at the castle. (Minimum of 2 Horses planned, hopefully to be increased to 12).

£15,000. Your choice of name(s) on one full placard secured to the post, alongside one of the 350 fruit trees in “The Boulevard For The Noble”. (110 funding slots available, up to 5,000 Names of your choice).

Of course, names will be accepted of those who have gone before us… The Deceased.  Whether They Be A Loved One,  A Friend, or Someone who has had a influential impact in your life…A Share of the produce from the Orchard will go to local food banks.

On completion of the project, a photo of your inscription will be emailed to each supporter. This will be in addition to a  page on this web site named as “The Noble” listing all the supporters.

Anonymity is respected, should you donate and wish not be listed on “The Boulevard For The Noble”, please click ‘anonymous’ when filling in your details on the GoFundMe web link.


To see this project under way, please click here.

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