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The England Castle Project is currently seeking to network with Civil Engineers & Architects to oversee the design and construction of the England Castle Project.  Goal of £1.8 to £18m+ in crowd funding.

 In today’s world, Big Business, Is Bad for Business, Why? Well it’s uncool to be a big corporation.  If you’re a business and don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ve had your priorities wrong, in understanding your customers/people.

The preliminary design brief is on the Castle page.  The intention is to try make the Castle, an Open Source design.  That is, the design of the building to be released for free .  The building having the design capability to be community ‘self built’ by small groups of people.

For corporations/businesses, a donation for the project will be gratefully acknowledged.  The full placards on the Orchard – The Boulevard For The Noble (£15,000) are of limited number, and would serve as an excellent advertising medium for business.

A successful funding campaign will make this project a commercially viable contract for a civil engineering /architectural company.

Design briefs/drawn architectural concepts are welcomed, and are expected for free without any guarantee of awarding any company(s) the contract.

Always remember… , I’m not talking to bankers/financiers or a group of shareholders on this website, its grass roots folk, that will fund the project, hence I like to say it, the way it is   :-)

For independent Structural Engineers/Architects willing to come on board with this project, to add their input/skills for free in the cause of the open source community plan is appreciated.

Any one from around the World is welcome for input and will be gladly accepted. As for the snippet of information listed below from wikipedia,….I’m originally from Birmingham :-)

By the year 2000, of the 4,000 inventions copyrighted in the UK, 2,800 came from within a 35-mile radius of Birmingham.UK.  Peter Colegate of the UK Patent Office stated that “Every year, Birmingham amazes us by coming up with thousands of inventions. It is impossible to explain but people in the area seem to have a remarkable ability to come up with, and have the dedication to produce, ideas.”

For an informal discussion, Please feel free to email me:

Adam Baker


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