2,100 Homes For Wildlife

The homestead farm features a design of a castle which has a historic influence, Aquaduct-2-Row-2 a gravity driven aqueduct which is believed would be the longest bird feeding water structure of its kind ever constructed. Also, the aqueduct has an algae glass tube pipeline, which would lead to a refinery in the farm building that produces B100 grade Bio Diesel.  For more info re: Algae To Bio Diesel, click

England Castle (Baker) is a commercial operation, and not a Charity

The plan involves building this Castle and Farm over the next 7-10yrs. The first stage is to purchase land in or near Sussex, UK. However this could be anywhere in England.  Currently no land has been earmarked. The England Castle (Baker) project is a commercial operation, and not a charity, however the business will have a strong emphasis towards helping those with special needs (the disabled).

“Shire Horses, for all of their dignity, grace and majesty, are a breed under threat”…Shire Horse Society. Click to visit: Save Our Shires

Also, in line with Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) farming community principles, a share of produce to be donated to food banks. (Check video to learn more of Permaculture farming).  In addition to the farming at the castle, it will have a home for at least 2 English Shire horses, Ideally this is to be increased to 12 Shire horses. Currently there are only around 2,000 English Shire Horses left in the world..This is a catastrophe.

Crowd funding has only just started, and the hope is to gain momentum soon.  If not, The intention is to continue, until it does…

The total build project would take in the region of 7 years from the sale of the land/planning approval. The planning approval in itself would take around 3 years to gain. The Castle would be built where possible from recycled / re-purposed building materials, and be constructed using bricks that would be in keeping with local planning requirements.

A Breakdown of the Sanctuary:

350 Fruit Trees in orchard.

3,000ft long (total length) Wild bird watering structure.

Wheelchair friendly farm.

Bee Farm

Home for at least 2 Endangered breed English Shire horses. However, 12 Shire horses is the preference.

Algae to Bio-Diesel technology – Designs to be released for free.

350 Habitats which feature in total:

3 web cameras (2 External, 1 Internal) Daily ‘Snap Shot’ of images to be published on England Castle web site. Totalling 1,050 Web Cameras across Habitat.

350 Homes for wild birds.

350 Bat boxes.

350 Vole/Field Mouse homes.

350 Hedgehog homes.

350 Solitary Bee boxes.

350 Butterfly homes.

35,000 Bug homes (100 per bird box)

Total: 2,100 purpose designed homes for wildlife. (37,100 If including Bug Homes)

Zero use of chemical pesticides/fertilizer. 100% organic produce, a share to be donated to local food banks for the underprivileged.

The trees will be of rigorous rootstock, that is have a lifespan of around 70-100 years. Each tree will have wooden placards secured to the post which the tree is planted alongside. The placards will be inscribed with the supporters of this project. The orchard will be named “The Boulevard For The Noble”  At just £5 ($7) per name, Its hoped that there will be enough supporters to see this project complete.

Once built, The Orchard/Habitat will look “Symmetrically Beautiful”

The information on the images page tries to clarify the project, implementation and operation of this project is constantly being updated and subject to change.  Hence would greatly appreciate a chance to start something positive.

Comments are always welcomed, please add your thoughts into the box below. Or feel free to contact England Castle using the email address listed below. Please share this website on Social Media (links below) or simply tell your friends to visit

Many Thanks For Your Time,

Adam Baker – England Castle

GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).

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