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Now the thing is, did you understand the tutorial above… ?  :-) Well lets try to make it clearer.  If your’e a complete newcomer to open source, check out video list, there’s a selection of short videos re: Open Source.

Open Moo is the open source banner/technical repository for England Castle (Baker), Or place where the techie nerdy stuff happens :-)

Around 150,000 web sites are launched everyday, same with this site, it’s in deep data space. However momentum is gathering daily, and I respect that funding is still in its infancy, however, I equally respect, that a boost to the funding campaign, which is anticipated….One day…will happen. Their is no time limit to reach target for the crowd fund web site I have used.

Algae to Bio Diesel System

The England Castle system which integrates with a wildlife habitat will be duly tested, certificated and ready use by homestead farmers, or home users to produce bio diesel from their own garden habitats. Once implemented and working, the process/technology for the habitat, pipeline (photobioreactor), and refinery will be released for free as open source designs under the England Castle openMoo banner. Kits with full instructions to build the pipeline, refinery and habitats will be sold through England Castle. (For more info re: Alage to Biodiesel click here).

The current figure listed for crowd funding is £1.8m, If funded beyond the current £1.8m target, The project will then include starting a heavy industrial manufacturing facility at The Castle.  This will be for the production of Agricultural products aimed for homestead farmers, in the UK and for export across the world.  In the pipeline: An Open Source Tractor – Multi Capable Agricultural Tractor (MyCAT), and 4 wheeled electric push bike & trailer, designed for use on a farm.

Products to be sold as kits and fully assembled.

LifeTrac 6 PrototypeImage (left) shows OSE lifetrac 6. The England Castle (Baker) Open Source  ‘MyCat’ – Multi Capable Agricultural Tractor is an intended rebuild of OSE Lifetrac 6. The ‘MyCat’ will have additional, visionary design features from England Castle (Baker), added, If you break it, you won’t need to re-mortgage your farm to fix it.  Upon start of production, the designs will be released for free.

The same applies to the 4 Wheel Pedal Electric Assist Farm Quad Push Bike & Trailer:

1 product can be built in 7  days in supplied kit from England Castle (Baker) factory by 5 people for tractor or 2 people for quad push bike.

1 -24 fully assembled product(s) to be  factory built every day at factory. (mon-fri).

Algae to Bio Diesel refinery kits, including full instructions/tutorials. Grow your own bio diesel for homestead/ home use.

Unknown: At this early stage, volume of kits that the Castle will be able to prepare.

Built to last, (over designed) similar to the methodology by OSE added to the life trac , easy to fix. Off the shelf, readily available parts,  re-purposed existing technologies and mechatronics. (Parts that are not tied into the manufacturer).

Tractor Powered by 100% Bio Diesel.  Quad Push Bike to have nickel- iron battery powered assisted motors.

Upon start of production, England Castle will release for free, the designs of any products made under the ‘openMoo’ open source banner to the free open source communities.

The Castle Architectural /Structural Building Design itself might be open source, that is built, tested and working, with the design of the building given out for free.  I’m looking for structural engineers, who are interested in taking on the build.

That is, an open source Castle, a unit, a large heavy industrial place, that can be built by other groups of people, with limited training, (it takes weeks, not years to learn to lay bricks),  And if we have a building plan that uses some of the construction machines developed by open source groups like OSE, and similar. Individuals or groups could then crowd fund an idea, and see it built-in to the open source design of The Castle for themselves. To make products, make any thing.. Open source, from a washing machine, hair dryer, to a cooker, to a car..,to even a tv… All made in England and the World, including all the features of the Castle.. for people, for wildlife, for animals.

The Castle will be, and look like a real Castle.  In other words not façade covered with overpriced fakery, which is part of the build up, tear down construction methods that are so common today. The Castle will be a real brick, block, and steel building. Built to last, Built for generations.

Thank you for your time, To support this project, please click here.

Adam Baker.

ps. There are many mis-conceptions related to Open Source, namely about the avenues available that can have a commercial use for open source, that is how commerce can co-exist with open source, maybe the ‘First Tutorial’ here will help clear things up. But remember, we’re all Bods here…   :-)


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