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The repetitive consumer, producer chain is destroying us all, the earth & all the wildlife.  If things were made to last (over built) instead of a farming tractor lasting 7-10 yrs, it would last 70yrs. Like wise with a push bike, a hair dryer, washing machine, cooker or for that anything else. The key is Open Source, Here’s a good video that describes it well.  Or for complete novices here’s an open source video done in Lego :-) That is designs shared, designs improved, designs last.  Of course, with any good idea, Its bullet proof.

England Castle Rising, is to do with making everything we use….Every machine, Every piece of equipment we need as a Humanity, for a Comfortable Life… Open Source, in other words Free. Without destroying ourselves & the Earth.

So, the plan, is to make everything, design it, test it, certify it, and if you, or me want to sell it, go ahead, That’s the nature of Open Source Philosophy.  

Inspired by the University of Massachusetts Amherst campaign uMass Rising, I liked their campaign, their drive, their ambition.

I can never knock human spirit, or people’s drive to succeed, the goals of the uMass program, is admirable.

"Gifts to the UMass Rising campaign will be used to:

Attract outstanding students with merit- and need-based scholarships.

Recruit and retain exceptional faculty. 

Conduct research that improves the human condition. 

Create buildings and infrastructure that promote learning. 

Strengthen participation in annual giving".*

*Excerpt from the Umass (University Massachusetts Amherst) Web Page: ‘The Campaign’

So, I thought what uMass Rising has done, why not try the same approach, but with Open Source…? . That is you have a design/idea that’s in the public domain in this case uMass, then try to make it better.  That’s why I have started ‘England Castle Rising’  What is it, well its all of the above and more…That is to Rise,  To success.  There are now avenues that people, like you and me can use to Rise. Its Open Source.

 By using crowd fund web sites, like the one I’m using, you can post a project and try to gain the funds, at a grass root level, without the need to even see a banker…

The internet, has opened up freedoms to change lives.  Everyday, grass-roots people, can now apply their talents and get out of holes they may be in, and make their lives better.  It can and is being done.

I am starting an Open Source project part of England Castle, Its called England Castle Rising, I have no affiliation with uMass, I’m inspired by it… 

I need you The World to Rise, and Rise with me.  I am thankful for my worldly skills, but need to apply these skills, at least to do something to change how the world is being lived in.

England Castle Rising, is about you, to gain the speed, to gain the quality, to have the momentum for success.

Even, if it’s a small piece of info, that can change a person’s life, that is a success.  Do the design, write it down, publish it on a crowd funding site. £5 for me is a takeaway, for you its a life changer.  If many paid you £5, to start your goal,  you would succeed,  without the Bank, or the money lenders. Without the chains of share price watching, cutting corners to make things cheaper, but don’t last and breakdown.  Paying a pittance of wages to employees, because the shareholders want more profits.

I have started the long haul, to gain the momentum needed to start the project.  That is the Worlds first Open Source Commercial Farm Machinery Factory.  Further read: The Castle. Also a small amount of the design brief of the plan is listed under OpenMoo ,this is going to be where the technical nitty-gritty will eventually hide :-)

Will this work?  Ask me again in many years if this was a success.  So, how long is the haul..?  Well, for what its worth, at least I’m doing something, and this is the start of England Castle Rising.  If you want to know anything about this project or if you need help with any thing which you think I could help with,  email me.  I’ll try to help point you in the right direction.

I’ve done this poster with some artwork of ‘England Castle Rising’  Print it off, fill in the blanks of what your Rising in life is, You could be a Student ‘Rising’ an Artist ‘Rising’… take a selfie of you holding it, and send it me.  I will post them on a gallery that will be on this site,  and my facebook page.

Castle-Rising-A4Print off this page, and fill in your 'Rising' in between the gaps. Then post to my facebook page for England Castle or email me.  I'll put them onto the gallery here (coming soon if get enough selfies)


Any one asks what Open Source is, tell them its the leap to start literally ‘making’ the World different. Hence Rise to Open Source. Or point them to this site.

As for the England Castle Rising, well I hope you will help me Rise, and likewise I will see you Rise with me.

Adam Baker.

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