The Habitat

This page briefly describes the Habitat, For details of the Aqueduct, Please click here, or for details of the Algae to BioDiesel Pipeline/Refinery click here.

The Habitat will be constructed to look symmetrically beautiful, With a variation of fruit trees that will give a calming, peaceful ambiance to those who visit. The Habitats will be made mostly from wood, and offer a purposeful design in its surrounding environment, engineered sharp edges, surrounded with the canopy of fruit trees, make the habitat pleasing to see.

The names will be inscribed tastefully and accurately using computerised manufacturing systems (CNC)

The size of the inscription will be very small. The hope is to have the effect of a ‘hallmark is to a piece of jewellery’.  Fitting and proper a visual representation of crowd funding truly making a change.

 A Symmetrically Beautiful Orchard

The inspiration for the construction of the habitats comes from the  Art of Japanese Wood Joinery, which is understood to have a rooted tradition in joining wood without nails or glue.  However, modern methods will be used to produce these habitats in house, with design guidelines recommended by ornithology/wildlife experts.   Of course during the planning stage, the layout of the habitats will be for the benefit of birds/wildlife.

If you cant beat them,…feed them

The design is subject to change and certainly anticipated, as is the manufacturing of more than one type of habitat, this would be to include squirrels, foxes, and generally any wild life in need of sanctuary.


GoFundMe – Click here to have your name listed on a wildlife habitat for just £5 ($7).


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